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Trading Course / October 23, 2016

This course is intended to introduce users to the Dynamic GTAP Model (GDyn). The course consists of a mixture of online and onsite instruction. The online course lasts seven weeks, introduces participants to GDyn, and is designed for self-paced learning. The one-week onsite course consists of a mix of daily lectures, lab assignments, and informal discussions designed to review the basic features of the GDyn Model and how to develop a "business as usual" scenario, or baseline simulation, which is a key component of all policy simulations using a dynamic model. During the onsite portion of the course, participants will learn to aggregate the GDyn Data Base and develop a baseline scenario using information from the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways, which has been annualized for ease of use. For the policy scenario, participants will estimate the effects of certain aspects of recent multi-regional trade agreements. After the replication exercise, participants will work in groups to develop and analyze their own policy extension, with their results being presented on the final day.

The onsite exercise will consist of a short course-version application based on the following studies:

The end goal of the course is for participants to leave with the capability of conducting and analyzing their own dynamic simulations using the GDyn Model.

Course Objectives
  • To introduce participants to a dynamic model designed for conducting global trade analysis in an applied general equilibrium setting
  • To provide participants with ample hands-on training with software that has been tailored for undertaking analysis using a dynamic recursive model
  • To give participants the opportunity to interact with economists working on global trade and resource use issues using a dynamic modeling framework
It is expected that participants will have already undertaken the Short Course in Global Trade Analysis at the Center for Global Trade Analysis. In some cases, participants may also be eligible if they have completed a significant piece of analysis using the Dynamic GTAP Model or another, comparable, general equilibrium model. Please contact the Center for Global Trade Analysis for further information. In addition, selected participants are strongly encouraged to go over the refresher material in advance of the Short Course. This section provides background information about the GTAP framework and examples of GDyn applications.

Past Courses

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  • October 10-15, 2008 | West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
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  • June 11, 2005 | Lubeck, Germany
  • October 6-11, 2000 | West Lafayette, Indiana, United States