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Investment Seminars / April 29, 2015

dropboxYou should end sharing your elearning courses and portfolios using Dropbox’s community folder. Efficient October 3, 2016, Dropbox is disabling the feature to render HTML pages. It’s one which numerous have been using to fairly share their programs and elearning profiles. That is much like the action Bing took last thirty days to disable website revealing through the Google Docs service.

If you’re a Dropbox user you probably already received an email from Dropbox alerting you to this modification. Or even, I’m right here to notify you these days.

Why Do I Need To Care?

It’s a bummer that the solution will be stopped. Although larger bummer is that all of that content provided because of the neighborhood won't work. This means in the event that you shared a demo in previous challenges (or you were utilizing Dropbox as a free of charge way to feature your portfolio of courses) all of those backlinks are going to be damaged.

Do You Know The Alternatives?

  • Utilize Amazon S3 or a contending service. Here’s tips set-up the Amazon S3 solution. That’s the thing I utilize.
  • Purchase your very own domain and handle it your self. A domain name and web hosting could cost about $50/year. That’s not expensive whatsoever.
  • Is it possible to upload your program? Lots of people use Wix and Weebly type solutions for their portfolios. These are generally great solutions for websites, but revealing files isn’t easy. You may need a place to host the programs data and produce a link. Those site solutions frequently don’t have actually a file/folder upload function. Anything to keep in mind.
  • Be cautious of no-cost solutions. Odds are they’ll be wiped out or eliminate the no-cost the main service and you’ll maintain similar location you might be today.

Physically, i do believe it is worthwhile to generate a customized domain and manage the demos and classes this way. It cann’t price that much and after that you have actually total control over your brand name and you’re perhaps not on whim of those free services that could or may possibly not be offered by another time.