How to use Robinhood no-fee

Robin Hood stock market

Stock Market / October 8, 2016

The App features a super simple software that is sure to win design prizes.

How The App Functions

To get a Robinhood account you’ll sign-up through the application After you’ve signed up, you’ll should link Robinhood to a bank account by which you’ll fund your brokerage account with. We at first put in $100 simply to test it on. As soon as you make the first transfer it takes about three times for your cash to surface in the app ready to trade. Trading when you look at the app is really as easy as liking someone’s post on Twitter. You can test doing a bit of research inside that software about a certain stock, but I recommend making use of an assortment of tools to learn who to invest in.

In general, the procedure is made as easy as it could be deciding on you now tend to be a stock investor, with the capacity to make and lose fortunes.

My Financial Investment Method

Once your account is funded, the homework starts. I invested the first 3 days, while We waited for my money to clear, investigating exactly what shares I wanted to buy. The site i discovered most helpful ended up being At Stockflare it is possible to see performance of shares based on their particular 5-star system:

  • May be the stock less expensive than your competition?
  • What’s it is growth perspective compared to the competitors?
  • Just how is Wall Street’s target cost compare to the current worth?
  • Will it be lucrative from an earnings per share foundation?
  • Does the stock pay dividends?

You can sort stocks by these different factors, as well as filter just what sectors and trading types. After some research my very first purchases had been for Kroger ($KR) and Petroleo Brasileiro ($PBR). Kroger did perfectly and I nevertheless hold it; Petroleo, not so much. After my very first go at it, I made the decision to diversify my research a bit. We started reading CNBC and keeping track of various other market styles. We included to my analysis stack as well. Stocktwits lets you see what other pastime traders tend to be speaing frankly about with shares. You'll enter any company and determine the belief regarding the team to see how it’s changed as time passes. Town is extremely active and you can enter some very nice conversations through the web site. [UPDATE 11.23.15:
Robinhood has actually partnered with StockTwits to add the capability to trade from the comfort of within StockTwits. Find out more about this here.]

So far, I’ve made $12 bucks from my opportunities, or a 4.9percent return. [UPDATE 03.12.15: In my third month of trading. I obtained it up to 8.26per cent. My secret: Perhaps Not trading. I’m only playing the long game.] Negative, not bad for my first shot out from the gates. I’ve made some missteps on the way, viewing you ($package), that have eaten into my overall earnings. It is way more fun, however, than just sitting and looking at your hard earned money in a savings account.