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Investment Seminars / September 26, 2016

Understanding Market Capitalization By Kotak Securities®Now that we are through with the fundamentals, let’s move on to some terms and concepts you'll usually hear with regards to the stock areas.


Even as we discovered earlier, a share is some for the organization. When the company makes profits, you often receive an integral part of it. This is actually the idea behind dividends. On a yearly basis, businesses distribute handful of earnings to people as dividends. This is basically the major revenue stream for lasting investors – those that don’t offer the stock for decades collectively.


Different companies issue diverse quantities of stocks once they get detailed. The value of 1 share in addition varies from that another organization’s stock. Market capitalization smoothens out these differences. It is the market stock cost increased because of the final amount of shares held because of the public. It, hence, reflects the total marketplace value of a stock considering both the size while the price of the stock. For instance, if a stock costs Rs. 50 per share, and there are 1, 00, 000 shares in the hands of general public investors, after that its marketplace capitalization appears at Rs. 50, 00, 000.

Market capitalization things whenever stacking stocks into various indices. Additionally determines the weightage of a stock into the list. This means, bigger the business’s marketplace value, the greater its cost fluctuations affect the worth of the list.


Supposing your friend agrees purchasing a novel for you personally from a bookshop, you will have to spend him because of it in the course of time. Likewise, once you have purchased or sold shares using your agent, the trade has got to be satisfied. Definition, the customer needs to get his shares as well as the vendor has to get his cash. Settlement is the method wherein repayment is made by the purchasers, and shares tend to be delivered by the vendors.

exactly what are Bull & Bear Markets By Kotak Securities®A moving settlement means that all trades need to be settled by the end regarding the day. Hence, the whole exchange – where in actuality the purchaser will pay for securities bought and seller provides the stocks offered – need to be completed in a-day.

In India, we've followed the T+2 settlements cycle. Which means that a deal performed on Day 1 has got to be satisfied at the time 1 + 2 working days. This is how funds tend to be paid and securities tend to be transported. Therefore, 'T+2' right here, means Today + 2 working days. Saturdays and Sundays aren't thought to be working days. So, if you come right into a transaction on Friday, the trade would be settled not on Sunday, but on Tuesday. Also bank and exchange holiday breaks are excluded.


An investor sells short when he anticipates that the price of a stock may fall from the existing price. Therefore, the buyer borrows a share and offers it. Once the share price dips, he can buy the same share at a lowered price, and return it straight back, while pocketing a profit within the bargain. Basically, you very first offer at a higher and purchase at a reduced. Short-selling helps dealers make money from decreasing stock and list rates. Since this is normally performed in anticipation of a stock movement, short-selling is known as a risky idea.

Why don't we just take a good example. Assume you anticipate stocks of Infosys to-fall the next day for reasons uknown, you enter an order to offer shares of Infosys within economy cost. When the share cost drops properly tomorrow, you buy at reduced price. The real difference inside sale and buying prices is the revenue. But if the share costs increase after you sold at a low cost, then you definitely end up getting a loss.

what exactly are Top-Down & Bottom-Up Approaches in Share Market By Kotak Securities®WHAT tend to be CIRCUIT FILTERS AND TRADING GROUPS?

Some stocks tend to be more volatile than the others. Excessively volatility is not beneficial to people. To control this volatility, SEBI has arrived up with the concept of circuit filters. The market regulator features specified the most limit the cost of a stock can move on confirmed day. It is known as a cost trading band. If a stock breaches this limit, trading is stopped because stock for some time. There are three quantities of restrictions. Each limit contributes to trading halt for a progressively longer period. If all three circuit filters tend to be breached, then trading is stopped throughout the day. NSE establish circuit filters in 5 categories including 2percent, 5per cent, 10per cent, 20percent no circuit filter.

Also, rates is almost certainly not exact same regarding the two exchanges – NSE and BSE. So, circuit filters could be different for shares regarding two exchanges.


Areas are often described as ‘bull’ or ‘bear’ areas. These names have-been derived from the way where animals attack their particular opponents. A bull thrusts its horns up in to the air, and a bear swipes its paws down. These actions are metaphors for action of a market: if stock costs trend upwards, it really is considered a bull market; in the event that trend is downwards, it really is considered a bear market.

The supply and demand for securities mainly see whether the market is in the bull or bear period. Causes like trader psychology, federal government participation in the economy and changes in economic task also drive industry up or down. These combine which will make investors bid greater or reduced prices for shares.


Numerous dealers trade on stock exchange utilizing borrowed funds or securities. This really is called margin trading. Its almost like purchasing securities on credit. Margin trading can cause better comes back, but could be extremely dangerous. Whilst it lets you actively seize market options, in addition it subjects you to a number of special dangers including interest repayments charged for the borrowed money. offers its clients the facility of margin trading.


On a yearly basis, the stock exchange is open for a couple hours regarding first day of Diwali. A unique trading program carried out for an hour in the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Usually this takes place in evening. Mahurat trading happens to be taking place for more than a century in the Bombay Stock Exchange. It marks the beginning of a brand new monetary 12 months called 'Samvat'.


These are approaches to select shares from amongst the thousands noted on the change.
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