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How to buy shares for Dummies?

Investment Seminars / May 2, 2015

The complete idea of the stock exchange and investments familiar with get right over my head, until I decided to eventually learn about it, that I then discovered become very difficult, as every explanation is generally dripping with jargon and market nonsense, and so I thought I would personally have a go at composing an investing for dummies style guide, which will protect the fundamentals of exactly how this crazy globe works … or you might only watch The Wolf of Wall Street.

What Exactly Are Shares?

Don’t worry, there aren't any stupid concerns here … even though this you're pretty stupid, but there does be seemingly some confusion with financial investment newbies, as to what precisely stocks are.

The most basic definition i will produce usually whenever you purchase shares you might be buying some for the organization. Which means you aren't a person or customer, nor are you a loan provider, you're just purchasing some – almost certainly little – portion of a company and so if company gets really effective your share becomes worth far more cash, and you will then offer your shares to make a huge revenue.

Only Cash? Where’s the energy?

Many people don’t realize whenever they spend money on a business, also getting a key member of business itself and how it is run. Getting a shareholder indicates you're able to make extremely important choices at a yearly shareholders meeting.

Other items you'll get to pick through the pay regarding the CEO or director in addition to how to handle takeovers if the scenario previously arises.

You have essentially put your cash on a bet on how well the business will probably perform over the coming many years, indicating you receive a state later on of the business so that you can protect your financial investment because if business goes down, you shed a ton of money.


Investing isn't only about investing stocks as there clearly was just a little thing called dividends, which will be basically an income for investors.

Dividends are usually paid every six months and come from the organization’s earnings. These dividends may then be pocketed because of the shareholders or employed for additional investing.

The CEO or Director might, however, choose most of the dividend money to expand the organization, therefore it’s maybe not a guaranteed thing.

If you prefer some extra income, spend money on ahighly profitable business even in the event it looks like their particular shares aren’t planning rise.


Some stocks are really inexpensive, you want to avoid these like the plague because the company is generally dodgy.

You may get shares for £50 which will be frequently a safer bet (the inexpensive ones is as little as several pence).

If organization is making countless earnings than their particular share costs rise assuming the stock exchange is actually healthier overall, then individual stocks go up for some other companies too.

Now, while you probably guessed, you will most certainly should spend lots of cash to get some actually valuable stocks with a company, so it might-be more straightforward to play some internet based bingo games or begin wagering big on some ponies or at Las vegas very first, as fundamentally the investment world is just high stakes gambling and also this will prepare you the ups and downs.