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Investment Seminars / January 19, 2021

What to anticipate

In the event that Day Trading Workshop could be the class room training program, then the real time Day Trading Workshop is the complementary, in-the-field learning knowledge in which students have actually a master trading coach by their particular side and also have the chance to apply the dealing ideas within the real life. It really is unlike every other workshop provided by the Van Tharp Institute. You craft yours day-to-day trading plan according to Ken Long’s Frog, RLCO, or swing system signals and trade your system with your own personal money—all underneath the guidance of Ken, who can provide comprehensive way and individualized feedback.

Ken originally created this workshop because consumers saw him day trading their swing systems and desired to perform some exact same. Presently, Ken centers on trading intraday systems though he nevertheless takes some of the “turbo” or “day 1” trades which are based away from their move system entry indicators.

Ken will teach by instance and mentors students in three primary places:

  • Exactly what dealers have to do when preparing the trading time
  • Performing trading methods in the great outdoors marketplace
  • Simple tips to determine and benefit from the classes during the day following the market closes.

The procedure is iterative and reinforces a host of great trading practices. Members when you look at the workshop tend to be asked to get ready their day-to-day trading programs with Ken’s guidance, call out their positions and findings during marketplace hours, and share with the team their learning experiences at the end of the day. In place, the workshop becomes a live form of Ken’s trading chat area where dealers undergo an equivalent procedure each day and collaborating and learning from one another.

Workshop Framework

Ken’s way of stock investing is an archetype the rule-based discretionary trader—the type of trader that Dr. Tharp has actually found to be the absolute most effective (view here to find out more). Discretion - based on the principles of Tharp Think - implies that you employ rules in a disciplined and rational manner. It willn’t mean doing whatever you feel performing at that time.

Ken makes the after guarantees on assisting the attendees accomplish the following jobs:

  • Develop a daily trading plan with “framed” positions on the basis of the Frog setups, RLCO applicants, together with Tortoise day-to-day report.
  • Scan for intraday opportunities after the market opens.
  • Employ Mastermind techniques to exercise collaborative learning and trading.
  • Use pivot point ways to SPY as helpful tips for huge limit and ETF positions.
  • Make use of the "gapstat" and "rangestat" figures to calibrate targets and over night threat.
  • Explore place sizing™ techniques and trade administration methods of handle intraday danger.
  • Adapt position sizing methods of maintain constant threat amounts for just about any roles held instantly.
  • Frame various temporary Tortoise trading habits.
  • Break right into smaller sets of like-minded traders to explore collaborative trading.
  • Be involved in the talk space to understand the various techniques the chat room aligns with specific discovering designs.
  • Explore the 4-bullet money management strategy.
As soon as we first provided this workshop, some attendees who’d went to Ken Long’s workshops previously licensed before a workshop information ended up being offered. Why? as, through personal experience, they already know that Ken is an extraordinary trader and an outstanding instructor. They also realize through this workshop, Ken will help all of them trade much more profitably—especially in the current marketplace conditions. If you want to study from a renowned master and improve your trading, enroll today.

This is what several students needed to say:

“we currently have an improved comprehension of my trading strengths and weaknesses.”—Paul Waldo Laurel, MD

“Great center, great class, indispensable information that I don’t believe can be seen anywhere else.”—Peter Wechter New York, NY

“Every question I had was answered. Ken will explain every thing carefully. For those who have a question, he can explain in a way you’ll comprehend.”—Wade Fisher, Lewistown, PA

“Live trading is very instructive. I thought it had been an excellent capstone into Mechanical Swing & Stock Investing program.”—Kurt Wessels, San Francisco, CA Francisco, CA

The Outcome

We've been amazed at a few of the large R-multiple positions that Ken many of their students made during past real time trading sessions. Here you will find the averages from last workshops, which span various market types:

We had one investor tell us which he not merely covered the expense of the workshop with his winning trades during few days, but additionally covered each of his expenses for international vacation. Another attendee stated when he hadn’t attended the workshop himself, however do not have thought that the sorts of outcomes Ken generated were even feasible.

The numbers above tend to be averages. We’ve had every person from beginning dealers to Super dealers to substantial hedge fund managers into the workshops. Almost all of the attendees made money, however some destroyed cash or made little. We can’t guarantee that you’ll generate income during these trading sessions, as you have the effect of your outcomes. But whatever the specific R-multiples regarding participant’s investments over the course of the few days, we’re confident that the constructive mentoring each individual obtains will improve their trading and yield valuable, practical classes that stay helpful for years into the future.


The workshop is held inside Van Tharp Institute in-house workshop facility at 102A Commonwealth legal, Cary, new york.

You are investing the methods you have got learned in the Day Trading Workshop, consequently you must initially go to that workshop to attend the real time sessions.


While we do not provide the typical VTI guarantee on the Day Trading Workshop, we do provide the guarantee on the live trading. Come to the live trading while by noon regarding the first-day you don't feel it really is right for you, you can easily request a complete refund.

We do not provide the guarantee regarding the three day workshop because Ken...

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