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How to trade on London stock Exchange?

Investment Seminars / February 23, 2020

dma bannerDirect marketplace Access (DMA) is something made available from some stockbrokers that allows sophisticated private investors to put purchase and sell instructions on the London stock market purchase books. With DMA personal investors can stage the playing field and trade like market specialists.


Usually an agent has sent a trader's order to an expert marketplace manufacturer referred to as Retail company (RSP), but DMA today offers you an option. DMA lets you simply take greater control over your positions with a broker to place your sales entirely on the main market along side all of those other marketplace members. A relatively new service for investors in the U.K. but an advantage which has been enjoyed by people for at some point various other significant markets around the globe.

One of the keys advantages of DMA feature:

  • Equal playing field: Every order is of equal condition regarding order book, prioritised just regarding price and time.
  • Exposure: sales tend to be visually noticeable to the complete market enabling all market participants complete contribution to main marketplace exchangeability.
  • Depth of order book: he order book reveals the number of purchasers versus the number of vendors and also at just what cost they truly are prepared to trade.
  • Set your very own cost: limitation orders may be registered at whatever price you decide on and will be accessible to the complete market.
  • Tighter develops: As limitation instructions tend to be shown openly versus held independently, market spreads come to be stronger, benefiting the order placer, who has got a higher potential for getting performed at cost while the market all together that has a tighter public guide cost to operate from.
  • Auction involvement: it is possible to be involved in the pre-market and post-market auctions where highest or cheapest price often happens.
  • Peace of mind: Regulation and market guidance by the Exchange.
  • Certainty: your order guide is definitely offered during trading hours.


To begin trading via DMA it is important to establish a merchant account with one of many offered DMA provider.

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Background to trading
Gain an improved understanding of the distinctions between non-order book trading and order book trading.

Non-order book trading
Exclusive investors trade shares through stockbrokers. Brokers usually request costs from many market manufacturers labeled as RSPs just who offer prices in “retail” (reasonably tiny) sized amounts.
The cost supplied to you personally by an agent is the best cost they've been quoted by the RSPs they deal with. These, subsequently, derive from the purchase price available on the London Stock Exchange’s purchase publications. Usually, you can easily just trade via your broker in the price given by an RSP and unexecuted restriction requests are warehoused by the agent rather than presented into the entire marketplace.

Order book trading
While stockbrokers typically perform positions through RSP community, most institutional trading happens on the Exchange’s order publications. Larger securities trade on purchase books which electronically fit purchasers and vendors.
A growing amount of agents today offer DMA, which lets you enter your personal instructions right on the order book with no need for an RSP intermediary. This gives the opportunity to:

  • trade-in larger sizes than typically available from RSPs
  • set yours price rather than just take the price made available from the RSP
  • display unexecuted restriction purchases toward whole marketplace

Level 2 marketplace information
Level 2 marketplace information provides the most extensive plus in level collection of data on trading activity. Understand amount 2 marketplace data being trade more effectively via DMA.


To understand real great things about DMA, have you thought to give it a try for yourself? The DMA Interactive Guide offers you a chance to understand the order book. The DMA Interactive Guide is based on historical amount 2 market data, offering you an accurate representation of a DMA service in a risk-free environment.


Take note: the real deal DMA use, you will have to contact a broker which provides a DMA Service

Please make sure that you are fully conscious of connected guidelines and procedures before exchanging from the London stock-exchange:

FAQs on Direct Market Access

Right here you find a listing of regularly expected concern on Direct marketplace Access.

Level 2 market information gives the many comprehensive and in level group of information on trading activity. This means much more informed trading and investing, through high visibility of this factors and trends underlying price movements, all updated instantly, all the time.