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Financial trading Companies

Investment Seminars / October 31, 2021

Commodity trade finance organized short term financial loans for commodity dealers

Our Commodity Trade Finance experts advise and suggest financial solutions which are adapted towards the specific requirements obtainable as a global commodities trading business, either located in Switzerland or aboard. You can also make money from our worldwide community and our expertise as a respected worldwide lender.

Your product trading business

As a highly skilled and experienced commodity trading company, you work as an intermediary between producers, processors such as refineries, smelters or smashing facilities, other dealers and end-users. You depend on the service of various other specialized businesses for transport, storage space or inspection of top-notch the goods.

We allow you to finance your development and increase your company. UBS Commodity Trade Finance involves structured temporary lending for the true purpose of funding the next real products on a transactional basis primarily:

  • Metals (ferrous/non-ferrous)
  • Energy (example. crude oil products, coal)
  • Smooth & Fertilizer (example. specific agricultural and soft products)

Our providing at a glance

Our company is your spouse who gives you incorporated solutions enabling you to fund the whole process chain. Through our commodity trade finance units in Geneva and Lugano, you can benefit from the global network and expertise of a number one worldwide financial company eg UBS. Our offering includes:

  • Uncommitted transactional credit
  • Arrangement or involvement in syndicated facilities
  • Foreign currency and Rate Of Interest Derivative services
  • One-stop usage of Institutional Banking, resource control, Wealth Management & Investment Bank abilities