How to Make Money Day Trading

Can I make money trading stocks?

Investment Seminars / June 13, 2021

a reader wants to pursue a lifetime career as a working trader and investor. Can he take action? Yes, at least theoretically.

By Stacy Johnson on
Photo (cc) by Lars Plougmann

This week’s question comes from a longtime reader who would like to earn a living exactly the same way i actually do — getting up each day and sauntering to some type of computer. But he’s choosing an entirely different means of carrying it out. As opposed to creating articles about money, he really wants to make it by trading stocks.

I’m following a vocation as an active investor and buyer and believe that it's possible to make a very great lifestyle as a working trader. But from reading your documents on investing, you seem to believe it's wii approach. And I understand that the common day trader loses money. My strategy is all-inclusive, which range from short-term trading to long-term investing, with a lot of study and training (report trading) to go right along with it.

Are you able to let me know the reason why you stated that? We respect your opinion and in the morning contemplating exactly what your thoughts take this, as I’m aggressively pursuing this program for myself.
– Dean

Here’s your solution, Dean!

Whenever I started in television news almost 25 years ago, I'd no experience, no important academic background with no contacts. Anything’s feasible. You can find those who make a living at virtually everything, from golfing to lion taming. Therefore I’d never advise there’s some thing you can’t do.

But from my knowledge and observation over many years, making a living stock trading is tough.

What I’ve seen and skilled

Before following television development as my opted for profession, I became a stockbroker for over decade. Through that time, I attempted short-term trading for my very own account. I didn't continuously earn money. Then I formed a partnership with two knowledgeable friends and tried to make use of a trading strategy we developed to trade index choices. It took many months, but we finally destroyed our entire $10, 000 pooled investment.

Among my 1, 000 approximately customers, In addition had some whom attemptedto trade their particular option to riches. Not merely one succeeded. Zero.

I had two close university pals whom moved in to the commodities trading business, one in New York and also the various other Chicago. It took many years, but ultimately both failed. I regularly know a floor investor in New York whom made a killing in silver in the 1980s. He consequently destroyed it all and went bankrupt.

That’s why I state, “I’m a buyer, perhaps not a trader.” I did son’t develop this opinion by reading a novel. We attempted to take action on more than one celebration together with my hat handed in my opinion, because did virtually everybody I’ve known or observed over the past a few decades. So you’ll understand just why I’m skeptical.

Simultaneously, I’ve unearthed that while trading is a challenging method to earn money, buying high quality companies over long periods of time isn’t. I’ve demonstrated that the following by publishing every stock choose I’ve made since 2008 in my online profile.

it is not only me

There’s a mountain of proof recommending marketplace time is hard. For example, even though mutual resources employ both the best people and greatest technology in the world, the typical skillfully managed mutual investment underperforms a straightforward, unmanaged list.