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About Stocks / September 22, 2014

Valid until 3/31/17 you can easily enlist on Remora Options Trading and get use of the ETF Options Trading Class on Saturday, April first. You can easily click below to enroll. If you cannot make the live on line course Saturday a recording are distributed around you.Webinar discussing Futures v. ETF options. The ETF Alternatives reside course will likely be held Saturday April 1st from 11-1pm EST. The function is bound to 10 men and women and will be taped and available after. It is possible to find out more about the

Weekly options trade review on Priceline.

The Futures v. ETF Options trading webinar is it Saturday March 25th, at 11 a.m. EST. We'll increase about this real time silver trade and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with ETF v. Futures trading. You are able to register below the free webinar.

Overview of the morning trade plan that required this short today. Among a few other positions on Gold, Crude oil futures and VXX.

You are able to request a 3 day pass to an exclusive live trading presentation here. Next Futures dealing course starts April, 17th.


Landshark Knowledge

Whenever we think about buying the stock market they immediately consider just buying stocks. You understand the 'blue potato chips' that film Wolf of Wall Street made well-known like: McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Apple etc., the ones you hold onto for years looking to get a 10percent return.

The truth is that many professional time traders make use of S&P500 E-Mini futures to-day trade the markets. In fact, the majority of that which we do at Landshark is futures & options trading - Futures for stock investing and alternatives for long term holds. Within new web log we will provide 5 reasons why futures trading is a superb kick off point for brand new people.

1. Start with as little as , 500

PictureThe good thing about S&P E-Mini futures is that the stock investing margins are simply 0 per contract. This means it is possible to put a trade for only 0 and some brokers will assist you to fund with as low as , 500. Now obviously, the more capital you have the much better nevertheless point here is it is possible to get a handle on a product for only 0. attempt buying 0 worth of shares and find out how long it will take for a return.

2. No Pattern daytrading Rule (AKA , 000 minimal)

Unlike shares futures do not require you to have , 000 in your account to-day trade. Let us explain what this means: With stocks you can only make 3 day trades (buy apple in the morning sell it 5 minutes later) in any 5 business day period. If you do, you have to hold back until the 5 business times end to have another 3 time investments to reset. With futures you are able to as many day investments as you wish with whatever account size you prefer. This alone is a big advantage for people you start with small amounts of cash.

3. Trade nearly 24/7

Yea, you study that right. Futures trade almost 1 week a week. You can begin trading Sunday nights and trade completely until Friday mid-day. That is great if you want to trade ones London market available at 2 am EST or trade just the US market close at 4 pm. This freedom is huge for the people with jobs because of the action that futures provide.

4. Leverage

For virtually any 1 point the S&P 500 E-Mini moves it means $50. If you buy 1 contract and it also moves 5 points thats +$250 to your account. And price to produce that trade? Only $500. Yup! The agent only holds $500 of account when you sell it the margin hold is circulated. Now imagine buying $500 of a stock, you'd need to get it to really thing to do any real money.

Source: www.landsharkeducation.com