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To buy or not to buy?

About Stocks / January 17, 2018

The popularity of bitcoins is growing steadily. Primarily this is due to their significant growth over the last few years. However, there is a fear, because a huge increase of quotations cannot last forever. Sooner or later in any case there will be decline. By the end of the year a predictable question appeared "should I buy bitcoin now?" Now it began to sound more often because bitcion is believed to be the Best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2018.

Buying bitcoins has many advantages.

No restrictions – user can make a transaction using bitcoins, with no limit on the amount.

Transparency – a member of the network can trace the chain made by bitcoin transactions at any time.

The absence of inflation – the change in the exchange rate of bitcoin is solely under the influence of market processes. This cryptocurrency is not an act of economic and political factors.

There is no middleman – no need to use the help of third parties leads to the fact that transactions are conducted in bitcoins cheaply and quickly.

A high level of protection through the use of Blockchain technology, bitcoin wallets, as well as transactions in this currency is perfectly protected.

Lately, large investors have begun to show serious interest in bitcoins. They say that they are Best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2018. They refer to it as a potentially profitable asset, investing money in it. Many experts believe that this approach will lead to further growth of the course and is recommended to invest in bitcoin in 2018.

The gradual legalization of cryptocurrencies, as well as rumors that some of the world's Central banks plan to introduce bitcoin in the composition of foreign exchange reserves, is accelerating demand. Combined with the limited emissions this leads to an increase in the cost. Many argue that due to lack of supply in the market by this time, the price of cryptocurrency will be huge.